Adquirir desde jóvenes tales o cuales hábitos no tiene poca importancia: tiene una importancia absoluta. - Aristóteles

sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

Todos amamos a Taro

Juanito - 5 años

Bethzaida - 8 años
Adrián - 4 años
El día en que encontré el primer libro de actividades del ilustrador y escritor japonés Taro Gomi, sabía que los días de creatividad en el taller se elevarían.  Pronto compré otros títulos y me volví una fanática de este prolífico escritor de literatura infantil que tiene aproximadamente 300 títulos a su haber.

Isabella - 6 años

Les dejo una muestra de lo que inspira este autor en niños y jóvenes.

Mathi - 8 años. Ponle brazos y piernas

Bruno - 9 años. Ponle colas y alas
Hannah - 6 años. Pinta lo que te gusta.

Elias - 3 años
Washington - 5 años
Irene - 9 años
David - 9 años.
Dibujar una señora amigable
Doña Filinda
José - 6 años

Carlitos - 10 años.
Dibujar un señor regañón.
Don Ángel
Ejercicio de ortografía
Ma.Grazzia - 12 años
¿Qué dicen?

Irene - 9 años
¿Qué están diciendo?
Jeniffer - 10 años
¿Qué dicen?

Juanito - 5 años
¿Quiénes están dentro de la casa?
Los tres cerditos y el lobo saliendo de la chimenea.

La creatividad inocente e infinita

J.C. & Luis drawing St. Valentine's caligrams
Trabajo libre con témperas, esponjas y marcadores
Tarjetas de San Valentín para los papás
A veces no apreciamos el talento natural de los niños y su inagotable creatividad.  En el taller cuando leemos estamos atentos a las lecturas, pero siempre hay espacio para relajarnos en todo el sentido de la palabra "relajo", nos aflojamos y relajamos de la costumbres y normas para conseguir trabajos escritos, dibujos y hasta performance art.

Aquí una muestra de lo que los chicos hacen cuando les damos alas.

Andrea - 15 años
Abstracto sobre brazo de Laleshka
Melissa - 6 años
Castillo con arco iris

domingo, 6 de febrero de 2011

¿Te gustan los monstruos?

Pues depende de que monstruo sea.  Los que Leonor Bravo nos regala en su libro ¿Te gustan los monstruos? nos encantan y nos hacen reír un montón.  Los chicos antes de empezar a leerlo dibujaron sus propias versiones, y el resultado fue este:

Sebastián 6 años                  Hannah 6 años                      Nathalie 6 años

Víctor 8 años                         Mathi 7 años                         David 7 años

Tales of terror

You read it right.  Our students had to write a short story after reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.  I leave you with two horrifying stories written by the spirits of J.C. and Luis.
Written by: J.C. 11 y.o.
Once upon a time, a hotel in Mexico was abandoned after a women’s murder in 1998. After that, the hotel owners had noticed a strange being. Today, in 2001, a couple dared to sleep in thas hotel and so the story begins...
While the couple was taking a bath, a strange movement in the hotel and a power failure scared them 
     What was that? – Ericka said feeling scared 
     I think it was an earthquake- said Manuel. 
     Suddenly a whispering voice said – your must leave –.
They were terrified by what happened. Quickly, they got dressed and tried to go outside. But instead of that, they were dragged into the kitchen 
     Oh! what is going on? – Ericka said 
     Something brought us here – replied Manuel. 
Within minutes after, everything that was in the kitchen began to move. They tried to run, but knives were thrown at them and they nearly avoid them.
     I warned you! - the ghost said. 
The couple managed to leave the kitchen. They dared to enter their room to take the camara and after a few minutes, they took pictures of the whole place and they noticed that the window had a shadow of a woman.  They hugged.  But they were also tired and then they fell asleep and the woman was stabbed in the heart while sleeping.
When Manuel woke up he noticed that Ericka was dead.  The same day the ghost of the dead woman showed to Manuel and said
     I warn you!-
Written by: Luis, 12 y.o.
Several years ago, a group of friends were celebrating the prom in a cottage. There were five men and five women, all of them were couples. The night was cold, and the cottage was surrounded by fog. The meeting was in the living room; which was small, silent and dark. After a moment Mario and Jorge said “¿Should we toast together for this special night?”. Maria answered "Yeah", "I´m going to search for drinks and beverages then", "I´ll go with you”, Mario responded.
They went to the dining room and searched for some champagne, when suddenly, a man got in with a knife covered with blood! They shouted but the man of evil appearance acted stabbing both youngsters and quickly left the house. Pablo, who was inside, said: "We have to go and see what happened to them" "Ok" Milena said.   Everybody went to the kitchen and saw the bodies on the floor and the whole kitchen full of blood.  ¡My God! Who could do this? - Elena said.
Everyone was amazed at what happened "We must all stay together" Victor expressed and Adriana agreed.  Everybody fell asleep in the room, Nicole woke up because she heard strange noises, she went to the bathroom and when she returned she saw a man in a black coat and screamed.   Everybody ran to see what was happening, but it was too late –the man had escaped- and they found Milena dead with Nicole beside her swoon.  All of them got into panic and said "this can´t be happening.  Why my Jesus Lord?"
The hours passed by very slowly.  They were all still together and then Diego said "We have to go seek for help, but he is probably in the woods" Elena said.  All of them left the house and found the bodies of Mario, Maria and Milena in front of the door, "How could he do this?" Nicole said. Everybody got in the cottage again very sad, after that Victor said “We need to forget this sadness, let's remember the happy times we have spent in our lives”.
Diego began to remember and said “ Do you remember Marcos?” – “Of course, how to forget him?”. Adriana began to tell Marcos´ story. “It was a Halloween night; we were standing in line to enter the haunted house. Marcos passed and we invited him. we got in to the haunted house and we locked up Marcos in the middle of the house. The next day we saw Marcos very scared, he looked at us with a vindictive face, “I will revenge.” were his last words. Since that day we didn´t see him again”.
After a moment Jorge, Victor and Diego went to the bedroom; when they got in the saw a person on the bed. They went to see who he was, and quickly some darts entered their stomachs producing an instant death. Elena went to the bedroom and found her friends dead, she screamed and came back with her other friends, everybody was worried because before they were 10 people and now they are 4 people.
After 2 hours Adriana and Nicole went down to the basement to search a telephone to call the police, Nicole found a big box and when she opened it, the evil man got out and with a broken bottle he killed her. Adriana listened Nicole screaming, she went to look what happened and saw Nicole dead. Then Adriana was attacked with a big knife tearing her hand and a part of the stomach. Pablo, concerned because he saw how Nicole and Adriana were killed, leaving only him and Elena.
Pablo elaborated a plan to stop this man. Elena should be the bait. When the bad man arrived, Pablo surprised him by removing the black coat and at the same time Elena stabbed him with darts killing him in the same way as he killed Jorge, Victor and Diego. When they were done with him, they discovered that was Marcos.  Pablo and Elena got out very sad because they lost 8 good friends in that long night. They were free, but for all their lives they remember the death of all their friends.